Necklaces & Pendants


Oasis and Oasis Mist Pendants and Necklaces
These mind-bending forms, hand-forged in our Oregon studio are comprised of undulating disks of matte EcoGold and matte and/or blackened EcoSilver distinguishes our popular Oasis collection.  The hand-textured surfaces suggests wind-rippled water, wave textured sand or some yet-undiscovered denizen of the deep.

Available in a range of sizes and combinations, our Oasis designs are artisan-crafted in our Oregon studio, exclusively forged with sustainable metals.  If you find no retailer in your area please contact us at the studio,, or 1-800-381-8787 (Pacific Coast Time).


Eclipse Pendant Collections
I have been forging Eclipse pendants and earrings for years and there’s still something about the archetypal shape and the sweet marriage of form and function that moves me. After thousands of pieces being produced in our studio, I have a sense of appreciation and even awe for this simple form.
Toby Pomeroy

Forged from reclaimed metals in our Oregon studio from a single piece of reclaimed EcoGold or EcoSilver and finished with an adjustable black silk lanyard, these pendants are made in a range of sizes and express our commitment to sustainability, continuity, and respect for all life.

Handcrafted with the same dedication, Eclipse Twilight pendants feature three conflict-free diamonds hand-set asymmetrically into matte-finished reclaimed Eco Gold or Eco Silver.

Please use our dealer locator to find earring choices at a retailer near you, or contact us at the studio,, or 1-800-381-8787 (Pacific Coast Time). 


Across Asia, the Ginkgo leaf represents longevity, balance, strength, hope and good health. Hand-forged in our Oregon studio and set with a single conflict free diamond.

Gingko leaves are hand-hammered interpretations of one of Asia’s oldest symbols of longevity, hope, resilience and peace.  Each fan-shaped earring is forged in EcoGold or Eco Silver in our Oregon studios, and set with a single conflict-free diamond.