Ethically Sourced and Sustainable Fine Jewelry Shines Brightest

TOBY POMEROY creates beautiful, practical, and sustainable fine jewelry that supports and promotes the health, beauty and diversity of our planet and its people.

  • EcoGold and EcoSilver

    100% reclaimed, the original choices in sustainable fine metals.

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  • TRUE GOLD™ and platinum

    Socially and environmentally uplifting, TRUE GOLD™ sets a new standard in sustainable and ethical jewelry

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  • Fair trade gems

    Traceable to the earth, beautiful and sustainable.

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About Toby

Growing up in India, Toby discovered his commitment to life in balance. Today TOBY POMEROY™ is a world leader in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible jewelry. The launch of EcoGold and EcoSilver set a new standard, defining ethical luxury in ways never seen previously. Marrying timeless, nature-influenced design with social responsibility, TOBY POMEROY jewelry truly makes sustainability beautiful.

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