In 2006 Toby Pomeroy sparked a revolution in the jewelry industry when he made a conscious decision to stop contributing to the massive environmental and social disasters caused by the precious metals mining industry by creating a line of recycled metals.

It all began while Toby was fly fishing for steelhead in a favorite Oregon coastal river, and had a thought: Why not ask my refiner to purify previously used scrap gold and silver separately from newly mined metals, then create jewelry from these reclaimed metals, giving my clients ethically sourced gold and silver?

He called Torry Hoover of Hoover & Strong refiners who, after some deliberation, accepted the request. With this simple pact of co-operation, reclaimed gold and silver had become a reality!

Toby’s intention was to give designers, manufacturers and retailers reclaimed EcoGold and EcoSilver that they could feel good about and be proud of and, most importantly, put pressure on the mining industry, sending them a message that the world cares and is watching how they’re treating the planet and its people.  The result was EcoGold and EcoSilver, a breakthrough in 2006 and now well-established choices in sustainable jewelry.