A new world is possible

June 25, 2010 7:54 pm

Thanks for visiting the new Toby Pomeroy blog! Welcome. After an extended and dreary wait, summer is finally here in the Northwest! The long hours of daylight and long-awaited warmth has us inspired to embark on this new endeavor of Tobypomeroy.com. We promise to make the time you spend here motivating and challenging, as well as provide you with the latest on what’s going on in Toby’s studio and in the greening of jewelry everywhere. Since Toby is not only committed to the most exacting standards of sustainability, craftsmanship, and beauty in his own line, but is also called to help revolutionize the entire jewelry industry to a higher ecological standard, he‘s committed to spreading the word that that quality jewelry can co-exist with nature in full harmony and balance. This blog was born out of that urgent need to raise the awareness in sellers, buyers, wearers, and admirers that another, better, more sustainable world is not only possible – it’s well within our grasp. Each week, we’ll be providing you with information on the practical and philosophical facets of the eco-jewelry business, so check back often!